Top 5 Best apps to add text to photos

5 best apps to add text to photos

In this post, you have been told about the 5 best apps to add text to photos. Using this you can write any name on any photo.

Many of you would like to have such a best android photo app, so that you can write your name or whatever you have in mind, whether it is poetry, quote, or anything like poetry, etc. If you want to write on a photo. Then you need an app.

So in this post, you will know about all those best apps in this post, using which you can write names on photos.

By the way, many such apps are correct, so you should use only those photo apps which I have mentioned below here. So that your safety and the security of the phone are also maintained.

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List of apps to write Name on photo


1. canva

add your logo watermark and text to photos


If you are looking for an app that will do all your work related to photos, then CANVA should be your first choice. You can do almost all the work of photos in this app. That too is free.

If we talk about download, then this app has been downloaded more than 5 crore times from the google play store. Which is a good thing for any app. Here you should also know that people mostly run CANVA online from PC.

Mostly people like bloggers, Editors, Youtubers, Social Media Influencers, Digital marketers use it a lot. Although canvas is free, if you want some more things like design, photos, then you have to take Canvas’s PRO plan for that.

Otherwise, you can also use it for free, there is no problem with it, it will work very well even then. In this app, you can also create square photos (square), banners, YouTube video thumbnails.

You can write whatever you want on any photo, whether you write your name or Shayari on the photo. You can do all types of writing work with this app.

And the most important thing I liked about it is that if you have created your account in it and then whatever you create new, it is saved in it forever, else you can keep it later or delete it on your wish. Saves the work so that you can use that design again if you want.


2.PixelLab (Likhe Pictures Par)

Picture Editor

If you do not want to work online and want to download the 5 best apps to add text to photos offline, then PixelLab is at the top of them all. In this application also you can write anything in any photo.

Whether to write a name or a poem or poetry for someone, you can write all of these. Whatever you have written in this, you can design it better. You can add many more things to the text like 3D, Blur, Shadow, Strock, which further enhance the written text.

By the way, pixel lab has been downloaded more than 10 million times from the play store. This app is completely free, so you will never have to spend a single penny. This app has got a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on the store, which is good for a free photo editing app.


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3. Phonto


Phonto - Text on Photos

Whether you have to write your name on a photo in English or Hindi or another language. Then this app will help you a lot. Photo is also an app downloadable app. In which you can write any name on the photo of your choice.

In this android photo application, you get more than 200 fonts from which you can write the same name in different ways. If you want, you can also add any other font to it by downloading it from outside.

Phonto has been downloaded more than 1 crore times on the store and has got a rating of 4.5 out of 5. This app is also completely free. If you want some extra features in this app, then you may have to spend some money, but it will do a lot of work for you even for free.


4. Font Rush


 5 best photos written names on apps

This is also a photo Name write an application, which is becoming very popular on the play store at this time. More than 5 lakh people have downloaded this app so far and it has got a rating of 4.8 out of 5 so far.

If a new app is getting such a good rating, then understand that the people who are using this app are satisfied. Therefore, all of you should also download it if you do not download the above three apps.

Otherwise, if you get some pre-made text style in this application, then it looks very beautiful. Otherwise, you can also design your name on it. In this, you get more than 190 fonts, so your writing enhances the thing further. You can also download this app for free.


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5.TextArt Photo App


If you just need an app to write your name on a photo, else you do not have to do any other work then you can download this app. TextArt app is specially made for writing names on photos only.

In this app, you get pre-made formats of many types of text, in which you can put a photo of your choice or by writing your name on their photo. Make a photo with your name written on it. This app is also completely free.

TextArt has been downloaded more than 10 lakh times on the store so far and it has got a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0. This app is very light and safe too. Being light will never reduce the speed of your mobile, some other apps make some difference in the speed of the mobile.

It is also enough to run this app from others. It is easy so that everyone even a novice can run it. Many people are new to mobile, so they do not know how to do? But you will run this app easily.


So you will definitely tell me how you liked this Photo name write Apps post. If you want name writing app then you download any of these 5 all are free and good too. If you have any other questions in your mind, then definitely tell in the comment.




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