How to download yo whatsapp? , Update YO Whatsapp apk latest version -

How to download yo whatsapp? , Update YO Whatsapp apk latest version

How to download yo WhatsApp?| Is it safe to use yo WhatsApp?| How to update yo WhatsApp? , What are the features of Yo WhatsApp? Today I am going to give you complete information about Yo WhatsApp.

You must know very well about the WhatsApp app. In today’s time, more than 90% of the people who have a smartphone, WhatsApp is definitely installed in their smartphone.

WhatsApp app is a popular messaging app. In today’s article, I am going to tell you about another modified app of WhatsApp and the name of that app is Yo WhatsApp. Earlier, what is FM WhatsApp?, What is GB whatsapp? I have already told about these WhatsApp modified apps. You can read those articles by typing FM whatsapp, GB whatsapp in the search bar of the site.

We get to see more features in whatsapp apk or mod whatsapp app as compared to original whatsapp app. So today I am going to give you complete information about one such WhatsApp modified yo whatsapp app.

If you how to download yo whatsapp apk latest version? If you want to know, then definitely read this article. But do you know about the disadvantages of yo whatsapp app? Before using this app, you must know about the disadvantages of this yo whatsapp app.

So let’s start this article today.

What is yo whatsapp? , What is Yo Whatsapp in Hindi?

Yo WhatsApp has been created by modifying the original WhatsApp. Yo WhatsApp will get all those features which you do not get to see in an original WhatsApp.

If you are tired of running the original WhatsApp, then you can use yo whatsapp. But before using Yo WhatsApp, you should have complete knowledge about it. Which I will give in your article.

Yo whatsapp was created by a developer named Yousef Al Bashaa after modifying the original WhatsApp. That’s why this app’s Yo is whatsapp. After some time the developer named Fouad started managing this yo whatsapp apk.

Maybe in future the name of this app will be changed to Fouad Yo Whatsapp. Yo Whatsapp is one of the most used whatsapp apk.

Let me tell you that after GB whatsapp apk, people use Yo whatsapp the most.

In Yo whatsapp you can customize the theme of whatsapp, chat, privacy, etc. And we get to see more features in yo whatsapp as compared to normal whatsapp.

Features of Yo Whatsapp

If you are tired of using normal WhatsApp, then you can use Yo WhatsApp to get new experiences. You will not get to see the feature which is in Yo WhatsApp in normal / original WhatsApp.

Let me now tell you about the features of yo whatsapp.

1. Can Record Audio Without Pressing Recording Button :- If we want to send audio to someone in normal WhatsApp, then while recording audio we have to touch and hold our record button then only audio is recorded. If you do not touch and hold the audio icon, the voice is not recorded. Whereas in Yo WhatsApp, you do not have to press the mic, after that you have to swipe the mic as above.

2. Theme can be changed :- In Yo WhatsApp, you can change the chat wallpaper as well as the theme of WhatsApp. Whereas in normal WhatsApp, we can only change the chat wallpaper.

3. Call Block: – This feature comes only in the latest version 8.33 or higher of Yo WhatsApp. You can block your WhatsApp member’s voice, video calls in this.

4. Lock Whatsapp :- Yo Whatsapp has the feature of locking the app. This feature was very special earlier but is not now because the feature of whatsapp lock is available even in the latest version of original whatsapp.

5. Whatsapp Privacy Setting :- In yo whatsapp you can customize the privacy setting of your whatsapp. You can customize features like online status, blue tick, double tick, recording, DP, etc.

6. Download Whatsapp Status: – In yo whatsapp you get the option to download whatsapp status directly. Whereas to download status in normal WhatsApp, you have to use an external app.

7. Hide Blue Tick On Whatsapp: – In normal WhatsApp, when we send a message to someone, it becomes 1 tick when the message is sent, 2 ticks when the message is delivered and when the message is read, it becomes a blue tick. You can customize tick in yo whatsapp. You can set 1 tick or 2 ticks if you want. And you can also hide blue tick.

8. Pin 1000+ Chats :- In Yo whatsapp apk you can pin more than 1000 chats simultaneously. Same if we talk about normal WhatsApp, then we can pin only 3 chats at a time.

9. Can send 100+ photos at once :- Yo this feature of WhatsApp I liked very much. With this yo whatsapp apk, you can send more than 100 media (photos, videos, documents) at once.

10. Can send message without saving number: – Before chatting on WhatsApp, the number of the person in front has to be saved, now we can chat with him. But you can also send message on yo whatsapp without saving the number.

So this is the top 10 features of Yo Whatsapp. Through the table below, I will tell you about more features of yo whatsapp.

I am And also compared the features of Yo whatsapp vs original whatsapp.

Original Whatsapp Vs Yo Whatsapp Features

Features YO WhatsApp                                                            Normal WhatsApp
Hide Last Seen
Freeze Last Seen
App Lock
Change WhatsApp Theme
Customize Bluetick
Customize Calls

Download Status
Hide Chats
Change Text Color
Send Images  More Than 100 Images At one time                            Only 25 At one time
Pin Chat More Than 1000 Chats                                                             Only 3 Chats


How To Download Yo Whatsapp?

Yo whatsapp is a mod app because of that. No mod app is available on google play store. If you can download WhatsApp with the help of Chrome or any other web browser.

If you want to download Yo whatsapp apk latest version then follow the steps given below carefully.

Step 1. Open any web browser on your mobile.

Step 2. Search Google by typing yo whatsapp apk.

Step 3. Open the first website and download the yo whatsapp apk file.


How to install yo whatsapp app in mobile?

You can use this WhatsApp app only in Android smartphone. Yo WhatsApp app won’t work on iPhone.

Step 1. First of all go to the settings of your mobile and click on security and enable the unknown sources option.

Step 2. So after you open the download yo whatsapp apk.

Step 3. Click on Install button to install Yo WhatsApp app.


How To Create Account On Yo Whatsapp App?

Just as we create an account on the normal WhatsApp app, by following the same steps, you can easily create an account on the Yo WhatsApp app as well.

Let me tell you the steps how to create an account on yo whatsapp app?

Step 1. Open Yo WhatsApp App.

Step 2. Accept the Terms & Conditions.

Step 3. Enter mobile number with your country code and verify OTP.

Step 4. Now set your name and whatsapp dp.

Step 5. After this you can back up your old account wherever you want.

Is it safe to use Yo Whatsapp app?

This question comes to mind of many people. Because this is not an official app. This app has been made by modifying the original WhatsApp app.

According to me it is not safe to use this app at all. Because it is an apk file. This Yo WhatsApp has been developed by making changes in the code of the original WhatsApp app.

End-to-encryption privacy is not available in this yo whatsapp apk. So there is no guarantee that your data will be safe on this Yo WhatsApp app.

So if you want to keep your data safe, do not use this Yo WhatsApp app and all modified apps like this. Always download the app in your mobile from trusted platform.

How to Update Yo Whatsapp?

Yo WhatsApp app also needs to be updated from time to time by us. You can update yo whatsapp app by following some simple steps.

Step 1. Open your installed Yo WhatsApp.

Step 2. Go to Settings by clicking on the 3-dot above.

Step 3. Click on Update option.

Step 4. If the update has come, then click on the fouad mods button.

Step 5. After this follow the yo whatsapp app install process.


Why is yo whatsapp not updating?

Many people face problem in updating yo whatsapp. If you are not able to update yo whatsapp with the help of above mentioned methods, then first of all take backup of your account. And uninstall yo whatsapp app. After this isntall key by downloading the latest yo whatsapp apk. And then take a backup of your old data.

How to install yo whatsapp apk on iphone?

iPhone has a lot of hard security. Can’t install any mod or apk file on iPhone. That’s why you cannot install Yo WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Which country is yo whatsapp from?

Yo whatsapp is app of iraq country. This app is developed by a developer named Yousef Al Bashaa.


Yo WhatsApp is a modified app. Many advanced features are available in this app. Which is not found in the normal WhatsApp app.

If you are bored by using normal WhatsApp then you can use Yo WhatsApp app.

In today’s article we learned that how to download yo whatsapp? Is it safe to use yo whatsapp?| How to update yo whatsapp? , yo
What are the features of WhatsApp? And with this I have given more information about Yo WhatsApp.

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